Long Time, Long See
I've had this blog for a while now haven't I? I'd say at least 5 years maybe? But I have hardly used it, I've left notes here when I remember this exists (normally when I have to renew my URL).

I'm back because I'm tired. Tired of the constant, unnecessary updates and interactions involved in social media. Every once in a while I try to convince myself I'm not fully apathetic to things that go on in the world and with most other people, but at the end of the day, I just honestly don't care. And the never ending reminder that I should care wears on me even faster.

So I decided to leave for the most part. I'm not shutting anything down (yet), but I'm making an effort to be on sites like Twitter and Facebook less. It shouldn't be hard, as I'm already really annoyed with it to begin with. I hope to spend my time here, updating like I used to, and on Discord, talking one on one (or on servers I guess) with those whose time I enjoy.

I'm not sure the plans I have for this blog, I'll try to avoid any "dear diary, today..." sort of posts. I'd like to talk about stuff I find interesting, and hopefully you'll  find them interesting too.

That's it for now. I've got to get ready to start work today. I'll try to return sometime this week, maybe I'll talk about the games I've been playing a lot lately and what's so good about them. We'll see.

Take care

new past