Hello & Valentine's 2016

Welcome! I'm not new to this blog deal, but this blog itself is pretty new.
I used to blog for several years elsewhere back in college, but took a super long hiatus.
I missed blogging, it was always very cathartic and I met so many nice people through their own blogs. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here.

So the bf and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday, on the 13th, as opposed to today, since it was going to be single digits cold. 
It was probably one of the first, if not few Valentine's we've actually celebrated. We typically skip it since our anniversary is the next month, plus we just were never into the holiday itself.
But regardless, we spent it very simply.

First we went to go watch Deadpool, which, lemme tell ya, was awesome

I'm not the biggest superhero fan, most of what I know is either pretty general, or from reading DC and Marvel wikis when I'd get bored. But for the most part, it was a pretty lore-friendly movie (with a few big exceptions, but understandable when looking at the other Marvel movies preceding it), and the humor was spot-on for Deadpool.

If you happen to be into this hero movie trend, I'd recommend watching Deadpool.

We couldn't take a selfie in the theater because it was too dark

Afterwards, we took a trip over to Chinatown. Len and I were both pretty hungry, so we got to try out Ajisen Ramen, which I've wanted to try for years but never got around to it.

I got the Spicy Ajisen Ramen which, while not hot enough for me, was delicious.

As we do when we normally go to Chinatown, we just walked around and shopped. For some reason I forgot that Chinatown now has a few Korean cosmetic and skincare storefronts (such as TONY MOLY, and The Nature Republic). I needed some shampoo/conditioner and some lotion so I kept an eye out as we walked around, and ended up picking some cute (and pink!) items - which were actually Japanese lol.

What I bought yesterday. Maybe in about a week I'll do a review on the lotion and hair stuff.

Anyway, that's all for now~

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